Accommodation can be provided in the CHTC Guest House on the College Campus, Bagayam. The Tariff for AC double/Single rooms is Rs.990/24hours. The tariff for a non-AC room is Rs.600/-(single) and Rs.800/- (double).

If you require a single room, please indicate after selection.

Hotels / Guest
Contact No. Type of Room Distance from
Venue (approx)
Avana Inn Ph.0416-2228935 A/C & Non A/C 6 km
Darling Residency Ph.0416-2213001-007 Standard A/C & Deluxe A/C 3.5 Km
River View Ph.0416-2222349 A/C & Non A/C 7 Kms
Hotel Grand Krishna Ph: 0416-2258189 / 289 A/c Standard & A/c Executive 15 Km
Surabi International Ph.0416-2216399 A/c Standard & A/c Executive 3.5 Km
Baby Residency Ph.0416-2213285 A/C & Deluxe A/C 3 Km
Hotel Ganga Ph.0416-2223260 A/C & Non A/C 4 Km
Hotel Park Avenue Ph.0416-2220767 A/C & Non A/C 3 Km
Arunachala Ph.0416-2210979 A/C & Non A/C 6 Km
Solai Ph.0416-2220971 A/C & Non A/C 6 Km
AMP Lodge Ph.0416-3292652 A/C & Non A/C 1 Km
Ananda Bhavan Ph.0416-2266770 Non A/C 1 Km