Dr. Prasad S. Kulkarni

Prasad S. Kulkarni, M.D., is a graduate and post-graduate of B.J. Medical College, Pune with specialization in Clinical Pharmacology. His first assignment was of a teacher of Pharmacology in a medical school in Pune. He joined Serum Institute of India Ltd., Pune in 2000 as Asst. Medical Director, and is now its Medical Director. Today, Serum Institute is the largest manufacturer in the world for DPT & MMR Group of Vaccines.

Dr. Kulkarni has been involved in many clinical studies on vaccines; especially on measles, rubella, MMR, DTP, Hepatitis B, Hib, DTP-Hepatitis B, DTP-Hep B-Hib, Rabies, H1N1, rotavirus, influenza vaccines etc. He has also worked on clinical trials of therapeutic products. He has published many scientific papers in national and international peer-reviewed journals; book chapters; and posters in international conferences. He has been a faculty in many national and international conferences; workshops and seminars.

Currently he is also closely associated with international collaborative projects like Meningococcal A Conjugate Vaccine (WHO & PATH), Aerosol Measles Vaccine (WHO), Dry powder measles vaccine (University of Colorado) and Rabies monoclonal antibody (University of Massachusetts). He is an expert in good clinical practices, pharmacovigilance and regulatory practices, and has also been involved in the scientific and pre-clinical development of new vaccines of Serum Institute of India. He has also been a temporary advisor to WHO.

Office Address

Dr. Prasad S. Kulkarni
Medical Director,
Serum Institute of India Ltd.,
212/2, Hadapsar, PUNE – 411 028, INDIA
Phone : +91-20-2660.2384
Fax : +91-20-2699.3945
Email : drpsk@seruminstitute.com